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There are many many CMS's out there, and a lot of web-designers will try to indicate that one is better than another. Well here is the bottom line, a lot of the popular CMS's all can get the same end result, and can offer users a perfect admin and end user experience. Drupal, MODx, Wordpress, Joomla etc. All have solid frameworks based on many years of development. The 'choice' needed with a CMS is really down to what the web-developer you are using prefers.

MOLE Design has chosen Joomla as its CMS, and we are not going to spend a lot of time saying that it is the best as this is purely a matter of opinion. We know some of the best developers (in the world?) who can work wonders with other CMS's. When you choose a website based on CMS with MOLE Design you get the following.

  • A top notch, lightweight template which is responsive for all devices capable of displaying it
  • The ability to use template switching so you can change the appearance of your website dynamically
  • A massive support community
  • Built in backup extensions that even has restore points if you make a mistake
  • Multiple levels of security for your clients and employees
  • HTML5 and CSS3 base for all the latest browsers
  • A plethorta of world class extensions for almost every eventuality
  • The ability to have custom extensions written that will plug right into your website.
  • Native multilingual support

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Joomla Services

  • Component Design
  • Plugin design
  • Module Design
  • Responsive Templates

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  • Custom apps
  • Cross Platform
  • Custom support options
  • Custom upgrade options


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