Joomla Extension Design

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One of Joomla's strong points is the sheer number of extensions available for almost every eventuality. Sometimes however you cant quite get one that fits your requirements. This is where MOLEDesign can help. We can work with you to create an extension that will fulfil your needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Joomla 1.6 - 2.5 extensions (component, module, plugin) (Joomla 3 will be available later in 2013)
  • Rigid MVC architecture
  • Joomla ACL fully implemented where needed
  • All field types
  • Backend and Frontend views
  • Fully documented

How to get a custom component

  1. Contact MOLEDesign and we will have an initial consultation of your requirements
  2. A rough design will be put together, with storyboards and flow diagrams
  3. Essential modules and plugins are constructed
  4. If Design is agreed, costs will be put together and one agreed, initial deposit will be paid (1 out of 3 payments)
  5. Skeleton of component backend is designed on a demonstration server
  6. Skeleton is tested with some test data
  7. Skeleton of component front end views are designed and tested
  8. Skeleton of essential modules are designed and tested
  9. Layouts and Style sheets created
  10. Beta version goes live for user testing (2nd payment made)
  11. Component documentation written and component packages (along with data considered live)
  12. Final payment made, and package / documentation handed over


Q : Component is not handed over for installation on my site until full payment, but I really need to test it on my site. Can this be negotiated?
A : At the point where component is in Beta, its is practically finished and tested, and we will make sure it is in an environment mirroring your own. Any data entered into the development server can be packaged and installed on the live site as well as the extension. However extensions will not be released for installation onto a live client site until full payment is made. If you are happy with the beta component you can feel comfortable with paying in full anyway. Rest assured that your ongoing custom and satisfaction with the component is just as essential as the payment so we wont be leave you alone or lose interest when the payment is made.

Q : I want the component to be exclusive to me, owned by me so I can resell it. Is this possible?
A : One of the primary reasons we can keep our prices so low is by keeping a component we design as one of our products that you then use freely and without subscription. We also tend to reuse a lot of some of the code. However we understand that you may want to retain exclusivity. If this is the case, a price will be decided at the pricing stage. This will be a % cost of the component, but this will give you complete rights to the component and its functionality and we will not list it as a MOLEDesign product. However many factors will be involved in this stage, and in most cases the exclusivity will only be attributable to certain elements of the component which we will not replicate. In summary, you can exclusively own certain ideas and unique processes, but sometimes we cannot grant you totally exclusive ownerships of certain code and procedures.

Q : Once the component is completed, can we still get support and upgrades?
A : Absolutely, we will create a support and upgrade package tailored specifically for your product, based on the existing support building blocks