MOLEDesign and Charity

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MOLEDesign team members support various charities

At the present time MOLEDesign, as a company, does not actively endorse or support a specific charity. Supporting a charity as a business and using the business name is something we need to research as a new company, not just jump into.


However members of our team all support and donate to very specific personal charities and foundations which include

  • RNID (now known as Action on Hearing Loss)
  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
  • National Trust (UK)

Workload dependent, MOLEDesign is open to taking on free / low cost charity IT work so we can at least contribute to the good works people do for various causes around the globe. Should MOLEDesign take on a website or other IT work for a charity, we would like to ephasise that MOLEDesign will not in anyway use that charity to boost its own image beyond that of an IT consultant. All the hard work for a charity is down to those people who work long hours, and make sacrifices in the name of that charity to further its particular goals.

Current Charities we do / have done free webdesign for include

  • UNFFT (United Nations for a Free Tibet)
  • Purely Tibetan (eCommerce site allowing Tibetans to earn a living through crafting)
  • Threshold (Swindon based Homeless charity)

Should you wish MOLEDesign to undertake a project for your charity, please use the on-line contact form to get in touch.


Nothing is for free.. What's the catch? What about support?

For allowing MOLEDesign to help create your website. As mentioned, there will be no charge (hidden or direct) for the work done(*). On our website, MOLEDesign will make a portfolio entry for your page, but will make it clear that we are not a member of the charity or try to get recognition or praise for that charities work. We will make it clear that the running of, dedication, and self sacrifice of the charity members is deserving of praise and recognition and that we are simply the web designer.

Once the webpage is officially signed off, we will no longer make changes without the normal approval process of your company / organisation

In return for our free service, we would be grateful if you could put a mention of

on your Social Feeds when the site is done, and ask if members can visit that website, have a look around and LIKE it as a simple thank you. This is more than enough payment for us.

We are happy to carry on working, updating, securing and consulting on the site and advise that you and your members like, and use our social feed at

to report errors, make suggestions, and follow updates and changes or just share observations and general comments. This will allow you to keep the primary social feed free from technical clutter. Anyone who is interested in the website, its workings and future should follow MOLEDesign. I am happy to answer any questions about the technical aspects that are NOT security related.

Once signed off, support for a free website would normally be best endeavours only, however if you retain the MOLEDesign link at the footer of your webpage you will continue to receive full paying client support as a thank you from us.

This will also allow your IT people and board members to contact MOLEDesign via email, skype and when they are live, priority support forums to get assistance with any issues with a 24 hour turnaround (or less) for major issues (approx). MOLEDesign will also regularly check your system for hacks, patches and make sure the backups are functional and take copies for our secure digital vault.

In the event of MOLEDesign getting any work as a result of exposure to your charity website (we always find out where people heard of us), MOLEDesign will make an donation (which can remain anonymous, again the work on this website was not an effort to gain reputation or recognition as a charity) to the that charity amounting to approx 10% of the gross (the bigger the job the bigger the %)

(*) MOLEDesign will in most instances be happy to host the website for free if it has no funding, however there has to be a certain allowance for big charities that may generate a lot of bandwidth usage (monitored monthly), or those that do have funding for IT related costs. In this standard hosting charge may apply to cover that bandwidth usage, or MOLEDesign can help you find your own hosting package that may give free / discounted rates for non-profit or charitable organisations.

MOLEDesign will also be willing to offer guaranteed hours of work or support at a low cost should an IT consultant be required.