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A guide explaining how to add a product to Virtuemart with different options on images. This guide assumes you have already uploaded the images and sychronised them to Virtuemart.


  1. If your site is multilingual, it is best to login as the primary language for the site. Alternate language can be easily added during the creation.
  2. Login to the sites administration backend and access the Virtuemart Extension. This is typically done by clicking EXTENSIONS - VIRTUEMART. Most MOLEDesign Virtuemart sites will have a shortcut on the sites main admin dashboard.
  3. Click PRODUCTS
  4. Click NEW
  5. You will now have the blank form to create a new product. You will only be able to enter details initially in the default language. The fields marked with a (*) are the recommended minimum to list a product

TAB 1 - Product Information

  1. (*) Product SKU is the unique code for this product
  2. The On Featured tick box allows you to feature this products in certain modules and pages. It is a way of highlighting a product
  3. (*) Product Name is self explanatory
  4. Product Alias is used for SEO purposes. It is auto generated. if you (not recommended) want to create your own aliases do not use spaces, use a dash
  5. URL allows you to link to a webpage about the product that is outside of your site.
  6. Manufacturer is a drop down list of all the manufacturers you have defined
  7. (*) Category allows you to select one or more categories to put the product in. To remove a category, click the small cross next to the category you want to remove.
  8. Shopper Group allows to to only allow this product to certain shoppers (premium products, club members etc). Discussed in details in separate guide
  9. Product Details Page allows you to select different template overrides for this products details page. Discussed in detail in separate guide
  10. (*) Cost Price is the unmodified price of the product. This price is affected by rules you may create.
  11. Override is used if you want to set a definitive price not affected by rules.

For pricing, it is advised you read the official VM forums to get a better understanding. If in doubt just set a cost or an override price.

TAB 2 - Product Description

  • (*) Short Description is a small 1-2 line 'sales pitch' description of the product
  • (*) Product Description is the wording that appears on the details description
  • Meta information is additional information that you can add for SEO purposes. These values will be generated by default but can be overridden using these settings

TAB 3 - Product Status

  • In Stock is how many items are in stock. Leaving this value as 0 means it is always in stock
  • Low stock notification is the value where you will be given warnings that this product needs reordering. Leave as 0 for no notifications

TAB 4 - Product dimensions and weight

  • All these options are used for shipping when weight and dimensions are used

TAB 5 - Product Image

We advise that for mass product addition, you format and edit all your photos before hand, giving them the same name or SKU as the product and then do a mass upload. If you are only adding a handful of images, you can upload from this screen. Thumb nails are generated when you synchronise images from the media panel

  • Type in a few letter from the unique name of the file in the Search for Images box
  • Select the image that will be used as the primary thumbnail first
  • Click reset and add any additional images

TAB 6 - Custom Fields

  • Covered in another guide

Multilingual Note

If you intend to create a multilingual store, we recommend clicking SAVE after you have created the product, then click on the language dropdown box that appears in Tab 1 and select the language you wish to support. Do this even if you do not have the translations. A new version of that product will appear with certain fields marked. Alter the marked fields are required then click save.

This will make sure that product appears for that language as well.

Click save after each translation.

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