Joomla / Virtuemart _notes errors in template override

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Screenshot of VM _notes errorCreating Joomla template overrides is a common practice, particularly for products such as Virtuemart which are rarely used 'out the box'. However sometimes you can get an error in the following format when you access the VM backend

Attention file _notes has no extension in view productdetails and directory


This is not a serious error, and is actually caused by using Dreamweaver. By default Dreamweaver allows you to make notes on files, for personal or sharing use. In the root of each directory Dreamweaver creates a folder called _notes in the root of every folder which contains XML content.

If you upload this to the templates HTMl override directory, it can confuse some components.

The easiest way to stop this is to just make sure you do not upload that folder in the template overrides, or if you already have just delete it from the remote server. In the Dreamweaver file listing it is hidden and generally cant be uploaded, however if you do an upload with an FTP client such as FILEZILLA, you can accidentally upload this folder.

If you dont use the Dreamweaver notes functionality, this is quite easy to turn off (though you will still need to delete the _notes folder). Just follow these steps (Dreamweaver CS6, though should be able to use these steps to guide you in any version of Dreamweaver)

  • Site - Manage Sites
  • Select the site with the issue.. this setting is SITE specific
  • Advanced settings
  • Design Notes
  • Remove tick from 'Maintain Design Notes'

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