Appstore ordering woes

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Appstore ordering woes

IOS6 so far has proved to be nothing more than a pain in the proverbial. One of the things that has personally wound me up is the inability to quickly look at the latest apps that have been released in order of release date.

By looking at stuff this way, you are able to spot absolute gems by small indie companies that you may never find.

However with IOS6 and the latest version of App Store, this easy to access functionality has gone away, replaced by Apple's 'New and Noteworthy'

Never fear, you CAN still view releases as they occur, ordered (approximatly) by the day of the release with a little bit of Windows magic

One thing I have noticed is that the dates do tend to be out of order with the new releases ranging from 2-3 days away from today's date. I suspect this is something to do with when apps are actually added to the app store, and when they are published. However this technique DOES allow you to find those hidden gems by indie publishers that you would never see if you just used the new and noteworthy list.

This tutorial assume iPad / iTunes is the device used

  • Open the App Store
  • Click the search box in the top right hand corner
  • Type in an '*'
  • Press SEARCH
  • Now click RELEVANCE and set to RELEASE DATE
  • Select your catgegory

..and there you have it. A little more accurate than New and Noteworthy. However due to the horrific design of the layout, as you get further and further down the list, the app store gets slower and slower.. be warned

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