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SEO ListThe concept of Search-Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a largely misunderstood subject. Many companies will tell you (usually with cold calls) they can get your website to the top of search engine ranking if you cross their palms with LOTS of silver.. for the most part this is NOT completely true. 

Any technique that can subvert the Search Engine Algorithm today will not work tomorrow as the search engine companies will stamp down on it quickly, and in the worse abuse cases can lead to your domain being blacklisted.

Meta tags like the keywords were so massively abused in the past that now most search engines completely ignore them for SEO purposes (but they are still important!), TITLE tag overloading was also abused so now this tag is pretty much ignored. Other techniques like ghost text, invisible text on a page full of keywords, but not readable by users are also picked up as search engines now inteligently 'read' your website like a user would.

In essence there is NO sneaky way to boost ratings that will be in any way permanent.

Search engine algorithms are designed to provide users with relevant, good quality content based on their search criteria. Think of a search engine as working exclusively for the user and not the website owner. If your page does not give a user what they want, the algorithm is going to know this and rank your page low.

The more users than find, revisit, stay for long visits and recommend your page through reviews, comments on social networks, blogs etc will boost your page ranking. External advertising such a marketing campaigns, ads in media, word of mouth.. anything that leads users to visit your page will lead to an increased ranking. Amount of time spent on the website reading, exploring is all taken into account.

You want to do well in search engine rankings.. good, relevant, new and changing content, in a well optimised and user friendly website that get people talking and sharing their experience.. alongside all the old style 'great customer service ' or 'a memorable user experience' are key.

The ONLY way to guarantee a quick, first page ranking on a major search engine is to PAY for the privilege by means of a sponsor program / pay per click campaign.

The only free way to guarantee a high ranking in an industry / sector that is not unique is to be exceptional at what your website is promoting. In other words roll up the sleeves and get to work, don't look for quick fixes.

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